Assalamul Alaikum

Assalamul Alaikum Warahmutulllahi Wa Barakatu,

I would just like to inform you that I am going to be improving this blog everyday, and it’s currently under construction. So, if you want to ask me a question, go to my youtobe account( Halalified), or my email (

Ma Saalam.

Also, I am going to post things like:Videos, Quotes, Books you should buy or check-out, Advice, And Also, Kitab-At Tawheed links. For more info on Kitab-At Tawheed, got to

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Ramadan Vid

Here is my newest vid Ramadan is Near……..Learn

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My Videos

As some of you may well know, I have a youtube account as well. You can see my videos ranging from different subject here:

Ma Saalam

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Asalaamul Alaaikum, Welcome!

Asalaamul Alaaikum Brothers and Sisters!

Welcome to my blog. I will try to post daily on new subjects, news, things like that. my main point of this blog is to make you: WATCH, READ, THINK, and ACT. I will upload videos that I feel are benificial and helpful to you and this ummah.

Here’s my youtube URL:


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